Parade of Floats Still a Go

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The only issue now that could mar the annual "Christmas on the River" parade is the possibility of higher than normal water levels on the Tombigbee River.

"The main role that the water levels play is safety, of course," said Kelley Smith, director of the Demopolis Chamber of Commerce. "If the river level is too high it picks up debris and we have to deal with that when we are pulling the pontoons down the river."

The normal water levels for the upper Demopolis dam is 74 feet. Currently the water levels are at 78.9 feet.

"We're looking for it to get down to 75 or 76 feet. That's still up two or three feet, but it's not as big a problem if it were 81 feet and up," said Fred Hansard of the Demopolis Yacht Basin.

"Everything is on, as scheduled, so we are happy that everything will hopefully go as planned," Smith said.