J.C. Watts Visit

At the invitation of Congressman Chip Pickering, Oklahoma Congressman, J.C. Watts was in the Queen City Friday. As part of the visit, he spoke to students at Meridian High about the importance of public education.

Both graduates of the public school system, Congressmen Watts and Pickering say education is a top priority for the GOP.

"President Bush has emphasized education in his administration. You look at where we are in terms of education, the Republicans and Democrats, we're actually either even or ahead in some polls," said Congressman J.C. Watts (Oklahoma-Republican).

"The legislation we passed this year, 'Leave No Child Behind,' we did not include vouchers in that legislation. We created greater choices among public schools and greater opportunities for parents to get special help for their children when schools are not doing the jobs they need to do," said Congressman Chip Pickering (Mississippi-District 3-Republican).

"I think any piece of legislation that passes in the U.S. House of Representatives, the first question should be does it work and I think red, yellow, brown, black and white, Republicans, Democrats----hopefully, Republicans and Democrats will want to know,' Does that education policy work for my child," Watts said.

Meanwhile for the students, today's visit had special meaning.

"There's a lot going on in our world and our city and we need to know what our leaders are doing for us and what they can do for us," said De Marcus Adams, MHS Student Body President.

Watts visit was part of a one-day trip to Mississippi.