Teen Robbery Arrests

At least three teenagers accused of involvement in a recent theft incident were being held at the Lauderdale County Juvenile Center.
All are 16 year old females. However, because of their ages, very little other information about them is available.

They are all charged with one strong armed robbery and one attempted strong armed robbery. Both incidents happened last Saturday night.

"Within the span of about an hour, one lady was robbed of her purse by force and another lady, someone tried to steal it from her the same way," said Lt. Dean Harper with the Meridian Polic Department.

Harper said the first incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. after the three teens allegedly asked the first motorist for a ride from the mall to Eastern Gardens Apartments.

Once at Eastern Gardens, he said one of the teens assaulted the driver and stole her purse. About 30 minutes later, Harper said the three solicited another ride from the mall to the apartments, but this time one of them was unsuccessful when she tried to steal that driver's purse while exiting the vehicle.

Harper said none of the teens live in Eastern Gardens. He said tips helped crack the case.

"Some people came forward with information, and we also have a couple of witness statements that helped us," Lt. Harper said.

Meanwhile, when it comes to giving strangers rides, Harper has this advice for the public.

"Use your own discretion when you're picking people up. You can't rely on their age to think that they wouldn't harm you. Anyone can be a victim. Anyone can be an attacker or a suspect," said Harper.