Bus Crash Update

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According to an Arkansas State Police report, the driver of a Chicago charter bus that crashed in Arkansas that was going to Mississippi was operating the bus carelessly. The report was released yesterday and it states that 67-year-old Herbert Walters from Chicago struck a sign for "Exit 23a" and then ran over an arrow sign before he attempted to correct the bus' swerve. The rear of the bus became airborne and came down in a ditch before it began to roll and came to rest upside down.

The bus which was owned by Walters Bus Service Inc. of Chicago crashed about 5 a.m. on Oct. 9 while traveling to a North Mississippi casino on the wet roadway. The passengers had left Chicago at about 9 p.m. the previous day on a gambling and shopping trip. It was a regular jaunt which they would take a few times a year.

An attorney representing the bus company and its insurance carrier, Clarendon National, says there had been no suggestion that there were any problems with Walters' driving before the bus left the roadway. However, the report included an interview with crash survivor Bobby Ryan which was done by police while he was at St. Bernards Hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas. In that interview, Ryan's said a woman sitting in front of him was complaining about the bus driver eating while driving.