No Action on Land Lock

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Eugene and Mary Jean Tanner bought 55 acres of property in the county and discovered it was landlocked.

They say they tried to get ingress and egress through land owned by neighbors, Roderick and Sara Barham's property, but were refused.

Attormey Lester Williamson, Jr., presented the Tanners case to the supervisors Monday, asking for relief.

"He came to us wanting an easement on that pond road and we said no," said property owner Sara Barham.

"It's in the best interest of the county to have citizens develop their property and they're ready and willing to pay fair and reasonable price for the privilege of access," said Lester Williamson, Jr., attorney for the Tanners.

The board made no decision, but referred the problem to a group of other neighbors who agreed to seek a solution to the problem.