City Council Hears Good and Bad

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Despite a much higher incidence of hurricane-created debris than expected, Meridian's public works project supervisor Odell Hopkins said the job is done.

"The cleanup for Poor Boy Tree Service was completed this Saturday. We're doing some last minute things," said Hopkins. "We're getting phone calls from maybe an isolated pile has come out, something like that, but what we're doing is we're handling that in a case by case basis."

If you have hurricane debris that was missed, call Hopkins at 485-1970. He told the council the job turned out to be much bigger than anticipated.

"There was an estimated 4,100 tons of debris that FEMA had said was down on the streets, but after notices and advertisements, I believe the last count, and the tally is not completed yet, it was right at 6,100 tons," Hopkins said.

The remaining leaves and small limbs are the responsibility of Waste Management. They are not part of the hurricane trash-collecting effort. The leaf pickup effort has now begun.

The not so good news is that the paving program has fallen behind. Public works director Monty Jackson said they've run into substantially more curb work on Poplar Springs Drive than anticipated.

"We've paved about 30 miles so far of the 45 miles that's on the list," said Jackson.

Jackson said it won't be finished by the end of 2004. Next on the list is milling 23rd Avenue, but he said there will be a great deal of curb rebuilding on that street as well and curb rebuilding takes time.