Bridging the Gap

For the past four months, work on two bridges in Sumter County has caused a lot of inconvenience and frustration for residents. Drivers who normally would frequently travel Brunson Road have had to detour.

"We have to go through Mississippi to get to Cuba, when Cuba (Ala.) is like five miles from here," said Bernice Delaine. "And we've been doing this since Aug. 25 and that's terrible."

"Extra money for gas, wear and tear on your automobile. It's just inconvenient," added another resident, Lawrence Campbell.

"It's a hindrance to the bus and to the mail route. They have to go around," said resident John Randolph.

Aside from the inconvenience, another problem concerning this state project is that work on it came to a halt around Thanksgiving.

State senate candidate Thomas Moore, who is running in District 24, visited the area Wednesday.

"It's a quality of life issue," Moore said.

Some residents say they doubt an ambulance could get to them in time if an emergency happened.

Sumter County engineer Anthony Creer told Newscenter 11 by phone that work on the state project began in August but was halted around Thanksgiving while the contractor sought additional clearances needed to finish other roadwork that would affect the bridges.

Creer said the additional clearances have now been granted and, weather permitting, work could resume by the end of this week, with the project completed by February.