EMBDC Optimistic about Future

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The annual meeting of the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation began with the introduction of Rush Hospital CEO Wallace Strickland, who was reelected as chairman of the board.

"We're fortunate to have men and women of this caliber with such vision and zeal for improving our business and community development opportunities for all of us," Strickland told the crowd.

"I think we had a good year," Strickland said in a later interview. "We didn't recruit any industry but we had a good year on a lot of other things and we look forward to the coming year."

"A lot of good things going. Some of the programs we have, School Counts, we just started, has a great impact," said Strickland, expressing optimism for 2005. "The things we've done, the water, sewer out to the industrial site. All those things are very positive and getting the infrastructure ready for industry to come to Meridian."