Clarke County Development

Clarke County supervisors received some much welcomed news Thursday. Plans are in the works to build a multi-million dollar retirement community there.

The developer is Clarke County native and Pachuta businessman, Wallace Eddins.

"I'm on the Economic Development Board here and we've been trying to get something, anything to help," says Eddins.

If things go as planned, revenues from the community will indeed help the county.

"Eventually, $45 million will be spent on this venture, so that's quite a boost," says Clarke County Tourism Director, Barbara Hunter.

Nineteen years ago Eddins developed the 600 home Lake Eddins resort community in Jasper County. Each year that development generates at least $500,000 in tax revenues for Jasper County.

Eddins says he's optimistic that this new development will do almost the same.

"When you get those 600 houses over there and then we can get that going here, then you may not work over 30 or 40 people, but when you go to accessing all those houses and property, so they don't have to spend anything to get money," says Eddins.

The name for the development is Sky View Lake and it will be located on Highway 512 between Quitman and Pachuta.

When it comes to buying houses these days, developers say people are looking for two additional things: gates and lakes. This community will have both of them. The houses will be positioned on a hill overlooking the lake. The price range for the houses will be from about $130,000 to $1,000,000.

The lake will be built to accommodate competitive fishing, something which is expected to generate additional revenue for the county.

While work on the houses will begin as soon as possible, Eddins says it could be another seven months before clearances are granted and work can begin on the lake.