Weather Pounds State

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"I'm just happy to be alive. It was really bad," said Kemper County resident Beth Bounds, describing a possible tornado that ripped through parts of Kemper County early Thursday.

The weather system downed trees, flooded homes, and left some people without power.

"I have been up since six this morning going around seeing what people's needs are," said DeKalb fire chief, Patricia Haskins.

Officials have already assessed 10 homes with major to minor damage. It included a mobile home that was lifted off the ground and thrown 20 feet. The homeowner was standing by the back door. Luckily he was unharmed.

"I am just so thankful that he is okay. It was definitely God that saw that he got out of that home," said the man's mother, Queenie Bohannoe.

Other homeowners were just as thankful, including a resident who moved into the Harbour Apartments with her children just two weeks ago. She says her whole family huddled into one bed when the roof of their apartment was blown off.

Damage assessments continue while work crews try to restore power and remove downed trees and get things back in order.