Burglars Hit Church Day Care

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Meridian police are investigating the burglary of Calvary Christian Day Care Center at 3910 7th Street in Meridian.

"It occurred last week. Someone broke into the business and stole some items," said Lt. Dean Harper of the Meridian Police Department.

MPD officials are asking the community for help to solve the crime against children and the church.

"We're asking the public's help if they know anything about this to please come forward and call Crimestoppers at 485-1860. We've noticed at times like this, around Christmas, people will break into places trying to get extra money," Harper said.

Police say those who commit crimes against churches could face stiffer penalties. Harper said the entire community should be alert.

"Because of the season, people are rushing back and forth in order to get their Christmas shopping done. Sometimes they don't slow down enough to think about what's going on around them, especially crime-wise. They need to be more cautious so they don't become a victim," said Harper.