Children First: Getting a Good Head Start

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For the children of East End Head Start Center and other Head Start centers across the nation, it was a time to sing, dance and have a little fun.

Thursday was the 37th annual celebration of Head Start, which gives children the chance for a jump start on their education.

"We have 15 units so we wanted all of the children to show what they have learned," said Joyce Harris, East End administrator.

Preschoolers learn the alphabet, numbers and the days of the week, for example, the skills will help prepare the child for kindergarten and first grade. Officials say it also helps build their social skills.

"We're not just babysitters. We are actually teaching the children," said Miriam Clark, a teacher. "We learn to love each other and be friends."

"It's fun seeing the kids and the biggest thing is the parents seeing them," said caseworker, Katrina Henderson.

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