Body Found

"When I found him his legs were about a good two feet in the road."

Choctaw County deputy Dean Roberts is describing what he found when he responded to a call about a body lying along County Road 9 around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"The first thing I saw was a gun up in his hand underneath his stomach. I reached and got the gun and then I looked at his head and I knew that he was deceased then."

The victim was 59-year-old Matthew Eddie from Lisman. He is thought to have been lying along the roadside for several hours prior to being discovered by someone passing by. He was the prime suspect in an apparent murder which had occurred less than 24 hours earlier.

Around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning 64-year-old Josephine Ezell from the Fordtown Community just outside Yantley was discovered shot once in the head in her yard. She later died at Rush Hospital in Meridian.

"At this time from all information we know," says Choctaw County Chief Deputy Lee McGrew, "it was an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend type relationship. She was trying to break it off with him."

For now, investigates say it's too early to determine whether foul play was involved in one or both deaths.

"I think we'll just present what we have to the grand jury and the grand jury will make the determinations from there," says McGrew.

The next grand jury in Choctaw County will convene in February. Meanwhile, autopsies are being conducted on the two bodies. Preliminary results from those are expected to be available within the next week.