Gov. Signs Med-Mal Bill

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Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, in east Mississippi Tuesday, said he called the special session because health care was being adversely affected in every community across the state.

In the end, he said he was pleased with the results of the month-long session.

"They adopted and passed just about every provision of it," said the governor. "And this morning, I signed a piece of medical malpractice reform legislation, that will serve as the foundation for quality health care being provided in communities all across Mississippi."

After signing the legislative bill into law, Musgrove expanded the special session to include general tort reform.

"They have studied it over the course of the summer, and we want to make sure that anything is done in a reasonable way to help us be more competitive," said Musgrove. "So I want the legislature to send me a bill that will make us more competitive in the civil justice arena. Which in effect, involves our business community."

The governor said this new bill says to America that Mississippi is a great place for doctors to practice medicine.

"It has a great quality of life. And that we have a great, strong climate for healthcare to exist," said Musgrove. "And I believe that's a very strong message to help recruit doctors."

No decision has been made yet on exactly when the legislature will begin discussion of general tort reform.