CSC Again Rules in Jack's Favor

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The Meridian Civil Service Commission denied an appeal by the city of Meridian in the case of Rita Jack, who had been accused of stealing money at the front desk of the police department and was terminated.

Last month Jack's termination was reversed by the commission with an order for the city to reinstate her and pay her full back salary.

The city appealed but the Civil Service Commission again ruled in Jack's favor.

"I feel the same as I had from the beginning, that the commission will see that I was innocent and as we all have gone through this long journey found out that I am innocent," said Jack.

Her husband and family attended the hearing.

"My husband has been there encouraging me," said Jack. "This is what you started and the reason why is because I really enjoy the work as an officer and my family has been very supportive. I couldn't have done it without them. I really couldn't have."

Without further appeal by the city, it is anticipated Jack will likely be reinstated to the force.

"I'm looking forward to doing what I've always enjoyed doing," said Jack. "That's being a police officer so I'm really looking forward to going back and being a police officer."

David Linder, her attorney, was by her side when the commission's decision was announced.

"We're certainly pleased with the commission's decision," said Linder. "They were patient. They listened to all of the evidence in the case. They made their decision in favor of Miss Jack. She certainly feels that she has been absolved by that decision and that justice has been done."

There was no indication by Lee Thaggard, the city's attorney, whether any further appeal will be made.