All Eyes on the Polls

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Both political parties in Mississippi say they intend to have poll watchers out in force Tuesday during Election Day activities.

Mississippi Republican Party chairman, Jim Herring, said the GOP is sending poll watchers to precincts “to make sure the integrity of the election is preserved.”

Herring said the party intends to challenge any “any improper activities.”

The state Democratic Party's executive director, Keelan Sanders, said it will dispatch watchers to the polls “to make sure it's a smooth process.”

But some officials say poll watchers have disrupted the process in previous elections.

Secretary of State Eric Clark said his office received complaints about overly aggressive poll watchers in the November 2003 statewide election. There were reports of some watchers attempting to videotape voters.

In Mississippi, the Justice Department will monitor the election in Jones, Kemper, Leake, Neshoba, Newton and Winston Counties.