New Requirements for Voter ID

"We anticipate that a lot of people are going to be shocked on Nov. 2 when they show up to vote and their name is not located on the poll books."

According to Lauderdale County circuit clerk Donna Jill Johnson their names are not on the poll books for a number of reasons. She says one consistent problem is with people moving, but not changing their address at the Circuit Clerk's Office. This is something which she says could cause a voter's name to be removed from the poll books.

"The Secretary of State's Office has means through the driver's license and social security number to go find out information, so if they did not locate that voter then they notified us to flag their name in the poll’s books, and the election commissioners did that."

Johnson goes on to say that this is something that could ultimately require affected voters to show proof of residency or proper ID before voting.

"The ID is part of this new federal ID Act that some people that registered by mail, they registered at the Highway Patrol or at the Health Department and did not physically come to the Circuit Clerk's Office. Those people could be asked for ID if they're first time voters and the Secretary of State's Office failed to locate them in their database."

Johnson says others who could have to show ID include anyone who recently registered to vote, but did not do so directly at the Circuit Clerk's Office and their name does not show up on the secretary of state's records.

If you think that you fit in one of the categories and may be required to show ID, you are still encouraged to go to the polls. After all, Johnson says any identification confirming your residence is all that will be required for you to vote. She says this ID can be anything, ranging from a driver's license to a household bill.

Meanwhile, Johnson also is reminding voters that anyone who needs assistance with voting should notify poll workers upon their arrival at the poll.