State Lawmaker Weighs in on Budget

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State Rep. Eric Robinson is a member of a legislative group called the "Conservative Coalition." On Monday, Gov. Haley Barbour gave coalition members an outline of his proposed 2006 budget.

"He presented his plan pretty much in detail and I was very impressed with it," said Robinson. "He created a balanced budget in the austere financial times we find ourselves in, so I'm very supportive of it."

Newscenter 11 asked if there's a middle ground between the governor's plan and that of the legislative budget committee.

"Traditionally that committee is made up of House and Senate members and traditionally they throw the governor's budget in the garbage can when they get it," said Robinson. "But I think it would be very wise for them to look at it, and certainly if he has some good ideas, try to implement them, but who knows?"

Robinson said he has been told this could be the worst budgeting year of the modern times.

"You know, there's an old political cliché for conservatives, but we don't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. We need to cut back. Throwing money at projects or causes is not always the best thing and that's what we're good at," Robinson said.

Robinson said this state has been spoiled and that we want government services, but we don't necessarily want to pay for them.