The Past Lives On

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Friday was a day of honoring the past as Meridian dedicated a monument to the Tuxedo community where the school once stood on B. Street and 8th Avenue.

"When we had our reunion this past July, we raised enough money to pay for the sign," said organizer Fae Latham.

Tuxedo was established in 1897. Many friendships were made at the school which went from kindergarten to sixth grade.

"This was a wonderful part of town and everybody cared for one another," said Dorothy G. Rayner.

"I think the best thing I remember about Tuxedo was that we were poor but we did not even know it," said Ralph Henson. "Mrs. Gadsden was the principal and she believed in Tuxedo."

Meridian City Councilwoman Barbara Henson is not from Tuxedo, but she said she has fond memories, made possible though her husband. She said she will soon be writing a book about it.

"I was drafted into the community and I met so many people and the story characters just came alive," said Mrs. Henson. "It was just a place that was dear to my heart and I just had great memories."