Troops and the Ballot Box

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Going into Tuesday's election, the military vote was expected to make a significant impact on the outcome of the presidential race, but there was concern about military ballots arriving in time to be counted.

Marines stationed outside Fallujah, Iraq, said they are happy with the way voting was organized.

"We got everyone registered ahead of time when we were back in the states. While we here they sent every marine the actual ballots so we can send in absentee ballots. Yes sir, we got every marine to be able to vote," said Lt. Ben Diaz of Houston, Tex.

"Absolutely, I did want to vote and I came in from the field one day and the ballot was just on my rack. It was that easy," said PFC Ryan Landreth. "I didn't have to complain about it at all. It was just there for me to do."

140,000 troops are stationed in Iraq. A recent “military times” poll showed troops favoring President Bush over Sen. Kerry by a 4 to 1 margin.