Meridian Projects Still Moving

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Meridian public works director Monty Jackson started with an outline of the debris cleanup so far.

"The contract was set up for 4,100 tons of debris to be removed. They've removed over 1,600 tons which is about 40 percent of what the contract was set up for," Jackson said.

Jackson said that puts the contractor a little bit behind schedule but he said another crew was added Tuesday.

Councilwoman Mary Perry said some people are trying to take advantage of the situation.

"One citizen told me they have been called and said they were contracted by the city to pick up debris and that you would need to pay them $35 to do so," said Perry.

City officials assured the public there is no truth to that.

"It may appear they've left some neighborhoods and are not going back, but they will clean every last one of those streets," said coordinator Odell Hopkins. "And we mark them daily on a daily basis where they worked."

Jackson also provided an update on Meridian's street paving program.

"We've done 30 miles of paving out of the 45 we had on the list so that's 66 percent of the list has been completed," said Jackson.

The public works director said there are five more miles of milling to do on major streets. Because of its length, it will probably take three weeks just to mill 23rd Avenue before the paving can begin.