Voter Turnout Sets High Standard

In Lauderdale County more than 75 percent of the registered voters or almost 30,000 of the registered 40,000 plus voters showed up at the polls Tuesday. The numbers are similar in counties throughout the area. With all topping at least the 60 percent mark for voter turnout and many reaching even reaching 70 percent or higher.

According to officials with the Lauderdale County Election Commission more people at the polls did not necessarily mean more problems.

"We had a couple of calls with somebody asking why they were asking certain questions and this sort of thing but in Lauderdale County we had a very smooth election," says Lauderdale County Election Commission Chairperson Ann Watts.

This is an ease which Watts says she's optimistic will continue throughout the certification process.

"And due to the Help America Vote Act we have several forms that are new that we will be filling out but we've been doing that for the last probably three elections, so there again we're prepared and each election we create a little bit better form to help us go through the process."

It’s a process that is ongoing. Commissioners in each county have 10 days following the election to check for accuracy and certify the results. With more than 2,000 absentee ballots submitted and a record number of other ballots from the polls to review, Watts says it will likely take Lauderdale County commissioners all 10 days to complete the task.