Giving That Keeps on Giving

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This is the time of year meant for giving and sharing, but what happens to those toys you donated during this year's Toython? Well, they go to the Wesley House for distribution to families that need a little help making Christmas a little brighter.

"We have the WTOK - Peavey Toython that we depend upon greatly. Riley Hospital always helps us a great deal in that they donate toys," said Ginger Grissom Stevens, associate director of Wesley House.

The toys gathered during Toython and through other sources all end up here at the Wesley House. Here, they sort the toys and then divide them up according to each family's own needs.

"People donate toys and then we have helpers who will place the toys on the appropriate table as far as age and boy/girl, that kind of thing," Stevens said.

The helpers are all volunteers that donate long hours to help put together packages of food and toys for pickup the next day, and the Wesley House is always in need of more volunteers.

"We absolutely need help. If it's nothing more than helping an elderly person get what we have given them to their car, or to wherever they are going," said Stevens. "It's important that we have people to help, and we never have enough people to do those kind of things."

If you are interested in volunteering you can stop by the Wesley House and they will be glad to put you to work.