Local Counties Went for Bush and Kerry

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Mississippi remained loyal to President Bush Tuesday night. He picked up the state's six electoral votes. Alabama also sent its nine electoral votes Bush's way.

It looked as if Mississippi were going to give Bush the same margin of victory as it did in 2000. Four years ago, Bush won Mississippi by one of the biggest margins in the country, with 50 percent to 41 percent over former Vice President Al Gore. This election was no different.

So how did east Mississippi and west Alabama counties vote in the presidential race?

Lauderdale County:
Bush 65.6%
Kerry 33.9%

Clarke County:
Bush 67.59%
Kerry 31.96%

Kemper County:
Bush 45.9%
Kerry 53.48%

Newton County:
Bush 72.6%
Kerry 26.84%

Neshoba County:
Bush 74.81%
Kerry 24.82%

Sumter County:
Bush 29.22%
Kerry 70.37%

Choctaw County:
Bush 52%
Kerry 44%

All counties except Lauderdale and Neshoba have official results.