Barbour Calls Special Session

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Gov. Haley Barbour is calling legislators to Jackson for a special session that starts Monday afternoon. Barbour said he wants legislators to consider a $103.7 million economic development bond package.

Medicaid is not on the session agenda; nor is bond bills for the state's eight universities.

Lawmakers ended the 2004 Legislature without passing bond bills. The governor's proposed package includes $40 million for a Northrop Grumman expansion and $4.2 million to recruit a NASA shared services center. Both projects are on the Gulf Coast.

Also in the package:

  • $500,000 for technology improvements at Pharmapak in Kemper County;
  • $10 million for Timtek in east Mississippi;
  • $8 million for improved facilities at Baxter Healthcare Corporation in Cleveland;
  • $3 million for expansion of Viking Range facilities in Greenwood.

There's also $16 million to replenish the Mississippi Development Authority's incentive funds.

Sen. Mike Chaney said the bond bills should be fairly simple to pass, if lawmakers do their homework.