Keeping Bombs Away

The training session at the Meridian Training Facility Thursday involved the actual detonation of several bombs.

Fire marshal Jeff Homan said it's important to understand what kind of damage explosives can do.

"They actually got to see some live explosives up close. They got to see them detonated, so they can actually put the substance with the power," said Homan. "You know, when you tell someone how strong something may be it's, you know, they say one picture is worth a thousand words. I think this really got the point across to them."

Homan said the training is a good idea, considering a heightened sense of alert across the nation since Sept. 11.

Business people said they need to be better prepared.

"I was under the assumption that it took a large amount of explosives to actually cause a lot of damage. And they showed us today actually nothing made major damage," said David Roberts, assistance manager at Wal-Mart.

"[They] really had a lot of useful information as to how to keep good records, have an evacuation plan and to recognize the pranks from the real thing and how to search for explosives and so forth. So this was a real good thing," said Monte Royal, operator of Bonita Lakes Cinema.

The Meridian Training Facility offers safety classes to locals and others around the Southeast.