Candidates Back President

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As Congress debates a resolution authorizing the President to use force in Iraq, Congressmen Ronnie Shows and Chip Pickering say they'll support it.

A vote on the issue is expected Thursday. It's expected to pass in both the U.S. House and Senate. Congressman Chip Pickering called it the most important vote a congressman will ever cast.

"I know this may mean some Mississippians will be called to action from those trained as pilots in Meridian and Columbus, to national guardsmen and the reserves from the 185th and 177th, but its the right thing to do," said Pickering.

Though Shows also said he supports the President, he's equally as concerned about jobs here at home. Shows called it hometown security and just as important as homeland security.

"If our faith in the future is shaky, we will not be secure," said Shows. "We cannot have homeland security without hometown security. I will continue to support President Bush in the fight against terrorism as I continue to fight like I always have to save our jobs in Mississippi."

Shows and Pickering are running against one another in the combined third district after slow population growth caused the state to lose one of its congressmen.

The general election is set for Nov. 5.