Legislative Debate and the Weather

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In the Mississippi Legislature Tuesday, negotiations ended on medical malpractice insurance, because Gulf Coast legislators were anxious to leave Jackson and return to their homes and families before the hurricane strikes.

Both houses will reconvene Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. and learn what day they will return to continue the session it is obvious fatigue has set in. Legislators are tired of sitting day after day and accomplishing nothing as Senator Videt Carmichael of Meridian told us.

"We've been over there too long," said Carmichael, a Republican. "There's no doubt about that. It's not that we asked to be over there. We were told to be there for the session and so we want to see some end to this."

Carmichael said they ran out of ways for additional compromise.

"I think our senate position has reached that point right now so I think all the things that the senate passed and we've compromised in this conference so far we've reached that point at this time," said Carmichael.

Rep. Charles Young stressed the importance of making a decision.

"And this is one of the biggest issues that we're going to see more likely in the next four or five or six and seven years," said Young, of Meridian. "This is going to determine a lot of the economical growth and strength that's going to take place in the state of Mississippi."

But even with that incentive the legislature still couldn't come to an agreement. Although the legislators will go home Wednesday because of the storm, the negotiators will likely continue their work in an effort to craft a bill both houses can accept when they meet again, probably in mid October.