Council Back at Budget

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At first Meridian City Council members were under the impression the $600,000 in cuts they made to the budget before the ruling was money they could spend. Finally clerk of council Pam Gordy explained that the bulk of that was money taken out of the cash carry-forward fund that pays future bills and they had only $73,000 they could restore.

Barbara Henson then looked ahead to Tuesday's city council meeting and dealing with mayor Smith's veto of the millage rate cut.

"So the veto will be sustained?" Henson asked.

"Yes, it will just be clearing up paper work," said Henson. "Clearing up paper work and then they'll have to come back with an amendment. With an amended budget they'll have to come back to you for your approval. And that amended budget is going to include that two mills that you've had dropped and we're working on right now."

Dr. George Thomas gave the problem his slant.

"We know this about $580,000 under what on the revenue side we know $580,000 short on the revenue side," said Thomas. "Assuming that sales tax and everything is where it is programmed but he's always close on that. Last year it was low. That's where we are. They cannot overspend anything that's changed in that budget."

Councilwoman Henson summed it up this way.

"This budget is going to be an imitation budget," she said. "Right. That's exactly right. It's a balanced budget but it's not factual."

The administration will present its revised version of the budget Monday for them to study before Tuesday's council meeting.