Governor Puts Promise in Writing

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Speaker Billy McCoy and Senate president pro tempore Travis Little met privately Wednesday at the Capitol about an economic-development bond bill that has passed the Senate but remained stalled in the House.
Little is a chief aide to Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck.

The meeting happened just a few hours after Gov. Haley Barbour released documents showing he's prepared to expand the special session agenda, if legislators pass the economic-development bill.

The documents put in writing what Barbour has been saying since Monday but what some House members were skeptical of, that the governor will let lawmakers consider bond bills for higher education and bridge repairs after they approve his economic development plan.

Barbour said in a letter that he is committed to expanding the session if the economic development plan goes through the House.

Barbour's move came a day after House Speaker Billy McCoy said there was no "mutual trust'' between Barbour and the House leadership.