United We Stand

The United Way of East Mississippi is celebrating a landmark in its fundraising goal. But it's also stressing a great deal of work still needs to be done to reach the $700,000 mark.

United Way CEO Thad Quarles said a gift of even one hour's pay each month would make a huge difference in the community.

"You ask yourself, how can that little bit help the Red Cross? How can that little bit help the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, foster grandparents program, or Retired Senior Volunteer Program? Well, it helps a lot because it's community involvement," said Quarles.

"We've been out into businesses. We've been to various office buildings, hospitals. We've been talking to people about what The United Way does," said campaign chairman Bubba Hampton. "And we're spreading the word and enthusiasm is catching."

The United Way would like to complete its 2004 campaign by the end of the month. To find out how you can help, call (601) 693-2732.