Oh, Say Can You See?

The front entrance of Poplar Springs Elementary School looks like a sea of red, white and blue. Six hundred American flags are tagged with the name of a veteran.

"At young ages, it's sometimes difficult for young children to understand what sacrifice is," said Linda Dulaney, principal of Polar Springs. "But they do know the person whose name appears on the yellow ribbon and they can say that by putting that flag in the ground, 'I've honored them. I've thanked them and I've appreciated them.'"

Organizers say each of the flags were bought by the students. In fact, they say some of the students even bought three or four flags. Military members in attendance were moved by the expression.

"It's an outstanding show of respect for the veterans and I wish other schools would do the same," said SFC Phillip Moseley of the Mississippi Army National Guard.

"As we look back to our fathers and grandfathers who served, that's why we enjoy the freedom of America now because someone was willing to serve," said MSGT Jimmy Harper of the 186th Air Refueling Wing.

And it's this willingness to serve that organizers say truly makes this the land of the free and the home of the brave.