Tracking Technology

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The presentation by the Operation Respond Institute and the WAG Corporation features the real time tracking of a propane truck from Forest to Meridian. It was showcased at the Meridian Training Facility Wednesday.

"We were showing how with today's technology that we can improve the ability of emergency responders to locate when they need to a truck or vehicle of any kind," said James Boone of Operation Respond Institute.

In addition to vehicle tracking, the system can provide first responders with vital information during an emergency using satellite and cellular technology.

It uses GPS, Global Positioning System, to determine where it is on the planet. Officials say it could save valuable time and possibly save lives.

"If first responders are on location they can actually put in the ID of the trailer and they can see what they're dealing with, how many compartments, what it's capable of holding," said Jack Denton of WAG Corporation.

The system also features a help button for vehicle operators and several other "triggers" that would engage tracking of the vehicle, as well as a vehicle shut-off switch. The demonstration showed governmental and commercial uses for the system.