Children First: Honoring Sacrifice

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Lamar School held a celebration to honor veterans of the armed services, but what makes the occasion a little more special for them is that one of their own, track and cross country coach Ed Abdella served on active duty in the War on Terror.

"You have a lot of doubts in life, but I never doubted once that I was going to serve," said Abdella. "And I have been in 20 years and I have loved every minute of it. Now it's coming to an end."

The celebration began with a prayer for all veterans and the troops currently serving here at home and overseas.

Guest speaker and Air National Guardsman Craig Ziemba explained to the students the real meaning behind the service of those men and women.

"There are people right now who are serving overseas who are away from their families so that they (the students) can enjoy being at home with their parents," said Ziemba.

And for the families with loved ones serving in the military, Coach Abdella said to remember them and honor their sacrifices as well.

"There is more on a family over here that has a soldier serving than people realize. People say the soldier, the soldier, the soldier, but they forget about the family," Abdella said.

For some of the Lamar students, Veterans Day was also a day for them to honor their own family members. Many of them have loved ones currently serving far away from home.