Invention Could Save Lives

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A Meridian man has never forgotten the 1998 tragedy where five family members lost their lives to carbon monoxide poisoning at Naval Air Station Meridian.

So, as Stevie M. Mosley heard about similar catastrophes, including a local man who died in a fire while asleep, he was prompted to take action.

Mosley is developing the "Lifesaving Voice System,” which is designed to protect homeowners against smoke or gas emissions.

The invention alerts individuals with a voice warning when danger arises, giving plenty of time to take appropriate measures.

The product is currently being made available for licensing to manufacturers. Invention Technologies Inc. is handling publicity and public relations for the product.

Once a licensing agreement has been established with a manufacturer, production of the "Lifesaving Voice System" will begin.

Mosley says it could be available in less than a year.