No Charges Yet in Hospital Shooting

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Lauderdale County coroner Clayton Cobler says the man who was shot and killed inside Rush Hospital Sunday was Timothy Lasalle Jenkins, 30, of Porterville, Miss.

The fatal shooting of Jenkins at 11:19 a.m. Sunday followed an apparent murder-suicide attempt around 6:00 a.m. on 44th Avenue in Meridian.

A pastor identified that couple as Willie Jenkins and Martha Jenkins. Both were taken to Rush Hospital. Both had sons by other relationships. The sons apparently argued at the hospital and the shooting followed. Two suspects remain in custody pending possible charges. Their names have not been released by authorities.

Meanwhile, Donnie Smith of Rush Foundation Hospital discussed hospital security on Monday.

"We have a surveillance system in place at all entrances to the hospital," said Smith. "In fact, that helped police yesterday. Metal detectors are in the emergency room area and security guards are there and around the building."

Smith said Rush is a public access facility and security is good, and he wants the public and staff to feel secure there.