Teens Found

"They were sitting right here," said Sheriff Hatter.

Sumter County Sheriff Johnny Hatter is talking about two teenage girls who were found last Saturday sitting in a wooded area about 10 miles north of Livingston on Bluffport Road.

"They were mostly trying to hid their body because they were just about nude all the way," Hatter said.

Sheriff Hatter says they were almost nude because of their journey through briars in the woods. According to the sheriff the two girls, who were ages 17 and 18 were from Nevada and say they were driving to school in Florida. He says the girls had been traveling on Interstate 10 along the coast but were taking a detour to avoid Hurricane Lili.

When in the Meridian area, the girls say they were told to take highway 80 through Alabama. It was at this time that the girls say they turned onto a dirt road and wrecked their truck.

In search for help the girls say they walked through the woods and became lost for four days, Hungry, partially nude, with many insect bites and delirious; the girls were found by a driver on the roadway.

"All back through here and to the left where you can't see we searched," said Deputy Shirley.

Deputy Erik Shirley says throughout this week, investigators searched the area.

"We have found several of the clues or landmarks that the girls described but we haven't found the truck," Shirley said.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigations brought in a helicopter to help in the search. In all investigators say it appears the girls covered a 20 mile radius, walking in circles.

"The last place we saw the sign of the truck was up here at M-L Water's place where they ran through a gate and Mr. Waters found a tag and brought it to us," said Deputy Shirley.

The girls have since returned to Nevada with their parents and are said to be in good condition.

Meanwhile, anyone with land and private roads in the Bluffport Road and Epes area are asked to be on the lookout for the wrecked vehicle. It is a tan or beige 2000 Toyota pickup. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sumter County Sheriff's office at (205) 652-7984.

"We'd like to find the vehicle and see what's in it," said Sheriff Hatter.