School Looks Ahead

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Following the Tuesday night school board meeting, Owida Roberts the principal of Harris Lower Elementary School, talked about several new plans that are taking shape to help improve the school overall and to help raise student performance.

"I needed to give an overview of the improvement plan," said Roberts. "And we had to have a safe and orderly schools plan and parent and community involvement."

The safe and orderly schools plan outlined having more comprehensive procedures in place. It also discussed beautification on campus and acquiring an emergency evacuation kit. In addition, the school now has a parent-citizen advisory council in place to come up with ideas for areas that need work.

"We had some other cosmetic things that needed to be done. In order to be able to learn, cosmetics have a lot to do with that," Roberts said.

Another major change this year for T.J. Harris Elementary, that affects both upper and lower grades, is the fact that third grade is now a part of the upper campus. That makes the grade divisions uniform at each of Meridian's elementary campuses.

T.J. Harris Lower Elementary is the only school in the district with a Level One accreditation status.

Overall, Roberts says she feels both the lower and upper elementary schools are well on their way to growing in a positive direction, especially with help from an independent educational management service company.