Committee: "Put Education First"

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The Black Belt Action Commission's Education Committee is made up of education and business leaders from across the state of Alabama. Members met Tuesday in Butler, Ala.

"They were appointed by Gov. (Bob) Riley, Sen. (Hank) Sanders and Treasurer Kay Ivy to serve," said Ryan Cole of the governor's office. "Those that have chosen to be on the education committee are focused and intent upon issue resolution of matters relative to education within the Black Belt region."

A presentation outlining areas of strength and weakness within the Choctaw County School System, highlighted by the addition of three new facilities and a brief question and answer period, appeared to show a school system headed in the right direction.

"One of the things we're most proud of is our new facilities," said superintendent of education William Boggs. "And it was a long hard fight, a number of years to get the tax passed to get to this point."

Choctaw County Elementary School moved into its new facility this past August and the district plans to open two new high schools in January. After that, Choctaw County will have all new facilities: Two K through 6 elementary schools and two 7 through 12 high schools.

Officials say local citizens came together and "made a decision to put education at the forefront of their priorities.”