Farewell to Jack's

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In 1953, Jack McClelland opened his sandwich shop in Meridian. For the past nine years it has been owned by Delores Oglesvy. Because in the near future, the building will be torn down to make room for the new downtown parking garage, Oglesvy is closing her shop Saturday.

"Jack's will be over in two days," said Oglesvy. "It's a sad time. We have met so many nice people, made so many friends here. It's like family. People come in, just sit here and talk and eat and enjoy themselves and pull our legs and we pull theirs."

Jack's 1950s atmosphere has never changed.

"A lot of people like that," said Oglesvy. "They like to come in here with their children and say when I was a child your age or when I was five years old and came in and I sat on this stool or I sat on that stool and that particular plaque was still on the wall then and it's still up there now and that's what they like, I think."

Their most popular sandwich is no surprise.

"The most popular sandwich we have is probably our hamburgers and the reason for that I tell everybody is that we use real meat on them," she joked.

So now it's time to say goodbye to the people who have become to Oglesvy more than just customers.

"It's been a great nine years," said Oglesvy. "I wish I had a couple more of more but I don't. I've accepted that but I just want to thank everybody for everything they've done. I've appreciated your business and I love each and every one of you."