Rush Celebrates 90 Years

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Employees and friends of Rush Foundation Hospital gathered Thursday as the organization announced plans to observe its founding back in 1915.

"I would like to personally thank each of you for attending this function celebrating our 90th anniversary at Rush," said Wallace Strickland, president and CEO.

"Our founders, Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Rush, began Rush Hospital in 1915 to take better care of their patients at that time," Strickland said. "Since its beginning in 1915 as an 18 bed infirmary we have grown to be a major health care provider to this area and also one of the largest private employers in this area."

Strickland thanked the hospital's employees for their contributions, then turned to those who use its services.

"We also recognize that the support of this great community, that our founder so passionately embraced from the beginning, grow and expand our health care services and we thank you for supporting our efforts," said Strickland.

Strickland emphasized the hospital's constantly expanding role.

"The primary function, we're a health care provider so we provide quality care to the people who seek care here, but in addition to that, we feel like we have to be a good corporate citizen and we do promote a lot of things that help the community," Strickland said. "We're involved in activities that will work from economic development all the way through educational things for children in the schools."

The actual founding date is Feb. 15. The new Rush Imaging Center, which can send an X-ray to any doctor in the world in two minutes or less, is expected to open by that time.