Locals React to Inauguration Message

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President George W. Bush opened his second term Thursday with a promise to the people of the U.S. and the world. Speaking of hope and nations finding their own voice, his speech also laid out goals for the future.

"Frankly, I did not see anything negative in the speech, but the skeptic in me says these are lofty goals and we will see if we can attain them," said Dr. Kathy Baxter, associate vice-president of Meridian Community College and a political analyst.

The goals include reforming Social Security, broadening the G.I. Bill and making America "an ownership society."

"It is very wide sweeping and I think that Mr. Bush sees himself as a man of destiny," Baxter said.

Students also voiced opinions about the president and about what they would like to see happen during his second term.

"I think he is a good leader I just want to see the economy strengthened," said Nick Lisi.

"I would like to see him raise Pell grants for students," said Marcus Moore.

Students like Mark Cagle talked about wanting more answers about the war in Iraq, but he also was hopeful.

"I believe we're going to pull through. I think it's in a very positive state so we still do hold onto our values and I have a real positive view of what's going on," Cagle said.

While others stood fast to war opposition.

"I think he does not deserve it (second term). Many men and women are dying," said Ashley Eades.

The president also called for Americans to look after neighbors, surround the lost with love, and to abandon racism and bigotry.