Lott: "Rumsfeld Should Go"

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Sen. Trent Lott had harsh words Thursday for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Lott said he differs with the Cabinet official over the Base Closure and Realignment process. Rumsfeld has advocated an aggressive series of closures.

In a conference call with Mississippi reporters, Lott said he might reintroduce his bill to close overseas bases first before considering installations on U.S. soil now that more Republicans are in the Senate.

"We've added four additional seats on the Republican side. Most of them are southerners. I think that's good, so I'll keep working on it," said Lott. "And that's one reason why I wish Secretary Don Rumsfeld would retire and go back to the private sector. I think he's a problem when it comes to BRAC. He's tired and he needs a little rest."

However, Lott admitted the BRAC process has been going on too long to be easily stopped. The list of proposed closures is expected to come out in May 2005.