Children First: Courting Education

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Do you remember studying government in high school? Well, if the topics weren't always clear, some Clarkdale High School students received some clarification Thursday in a mock trial.

"A lot of the kids in the school, they have a lot of questions on how things work and why they work the way they do," said deputy sheriff Anna Moreno. "This helps to give them a better understanding of it. It helps them to understand what law enforcement does and how our judicial system works."

Instead of just watching cases from the sidelines, the teenagers had the chance to become the players. They filled the roles of prosecutor, defense counsel, and defendant during a simulated DUI trial.

"Any time you go into a courtroom setting, any time you are the defendant, any time you are a plaintiff, any time you are called for jury duty, any time you sit on the grand jury, then you become part of that system," said Lauderdale County Justice Court Judge Robbie Robinson.

And he offered some advice for any future judges or attorneys. He says that everybody just wants their side to be heard.

"Don't rush the trial. Don't rush the defendant. Don't rush the plaintiff. Have everybody that is going to testify to be heard," the judge advised.