Promote the Vote

Monday Secretary of State Eric Clark paid a visit to West Lauderdale High School, in behalf of Promote the Vote.

The statewide mock election is set for Oct. 29. All schools, public and private, are encouraged to participate in voting in the races for U.S. Senator and Congressmen.

Clark started the program in 1996.

"The purpose of the program is to fight against voter apathy. That's a problem in our country. We have way too many people that don't think it's their business or their responsibility to go vote on Election Day. So, every year we have an effort to get people involved," said Sec. of State Eric Clark.

"Those people that we elect are the people that lead us in our state and make the important decisions for us. So, I think it's very important that we pick the right people. So that we get what we want and they serve our state well," said Lauren Goodman, West Lauderdale senior.

In stressing the importance of one vote, Clark referred to the obvious example of the 2000 presidential race in Florida. George Bush won the state by just over 500 votes.