Lawmakers Pass Final Bill

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The Mississippi House and Senate have passed the final version of a $456 million bond bill and ended the special session.

Gov. Haley Barbour expanded the session's agenda to allow consideration of the bill, which includes things that were not on his original agenda.

"The total amount of the bonds is about 15 percent more than I sought," said Barbour in a statement. "We are paying off approximately $400 million of bonds in calendar years 2004 and 2005, and it is very important that we control the amount of bonds issued so our bonded indebtedness is stabilized."

The bond bill covers everything from economic development projects to repairs of local bridges, purchase of rural fire trucks and repairs, renovation and construction of buildings for state agencies and on college campuses.

"I regret the length of the session, not only because of its unnecessary cost, but because passage of the bonds due Northrop Grumman was not accomplished in a timely manner," said Barbour.

The session has cost taxpayers $432,593.