Medicaid Questions Remain

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Some Mississippians are worried that their Medicaid coverage might only be temporary as state lawmakers struggle to control the program's inflated budget. Some are now receiving Medicaid coverage for assisted living. Before that, they were classified in the agency's Poverty Level Aged and Disabled category, or PLAD.

That optional category was to have been eliminated under a cost-cutting plan proposed by Gov. Barbour and approved by legislators last year.

The House and Senate are working on separate plans to keep PLAD and whittle away at other Medicaid expenses, but the two sides are weeks away from a final agreement.

On Thursday, three days after the judge's order expires, lawyers go before a federal judge to update him about what's happening at the Capitol.

Medicaid officials wouldn't answer questions about whether the 50,000 PLAD recipients will keep their coverage after the court order ends at midnight Monday.

House Public Health Committee Chairman Steve Holland says he's not worried that people will be left without coverage anytime soon. That's because of stringent requirements about giving cutoff notices to patients.