More Flu Shots Made Available

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The weather may have kept the long lines to a minimum, but those in the high risk categories still showed up to receive a flu shot.

Mary Pepple of the Lauderdale County Health Department said people ages 65 and older and those with conditions like heart disease and diabetes should get a shot. Also, women who are pregnant or plan to be pregnant should get one, along with children under six months.

The Health Department plans to distribute all of the 1,500 doses of the precious vaccine in this latest shipment. It's also very optimistic about more doses arriving in the future.

"Hopefully we will be getting some more flu shots in the near future," said Pepple. "We don't know, but hopefully we will. We will have to watch the media because the state keeps in contact with the CDC daily."

For some, the flu shot is a yearly tradition to ward off the winter illness. But with the vaccine hard to find in doctor's offices, they have to rely on other means of obtaining it.

"I can't remember when we didn't (get flu shots), because the military always gave us one when we were in the service, and ever since we have been out, we have gotten one. I know for the past 30 years in Mississippi we have always gotten the flu shot," said Mary Bonner.

And Bonner says in those 30years, she has never had the flu.