Sniper Affects School Activities

For fifth graders at Poplar Springs a field trip to Washington, D.C. has become an annual event---except for last year.

"With 9-11 last year we had to make big adjustments," said Jane Massey, a teacher at Poplar Springs Elementary. "For safety reasons, we chose to go to Williamsburg instead of to Washington D.C. "

"We had actually taken our first payment on 9/11 last year. During the entire year there were just too many questions and we were just uneasy about going to Washington so we cancelled the trip," said Tammy Smith and Vicki Adcock, teachers at Clarkdale.

Although possible with the recent sniper shootings, officials from both Clarkdale and Poplar Springs Elementaries say they're optimistic that such will not be the case this year.

"Our travel agent is located in Washington and she knows what's going on.," said Adcock. "Plus, our communications with parents, they'll let us know if it's not safe."

"I was just on the phone today with two new parents who are putting their children on the trip," said Massey. "So, I feel everyone has confidence in law enforcement in that area and that something will be resolved soon."

Another school planning a trip to Washington in the spring is Parkview Elementary. Each year fifth graders from the school make the trip. The only difference is that the scare of the sniper is causing some concerns.

Despite the concerns, parents and school officials at Parkview say they are also optimistic about the outcome.

"Our trip is scheduled for May and I fell confident that the police will have the situation under control, but I know that we'll be well supervised and I feel we'll be safe," said Anita Bond, a parent and teacher at Parkview.

At this time, organizers from all three schools say the trips will proceed as planned.

"We're just taking it day by day," said Smith.