Shows Backs "COPS" Grants

Mississippi congressman Ronnie Shows has co-sponsored a bill to help in the hiring of 627 more police officers in the state.

Shows spoke from Washington Monday about the COPS re-authorization bill. COPS is an acronym for Community Oriented Policing Services.

Shows was joined by William Johnson, the director of the National Association of Police Officers. Shows criticized the budget proposed by the Republican leadership, that he said reduces the amount of funding.

"Mississippi would lose $25,872,430," said Shows. "In southeastern Mississippi, we would lose an estimated $8,491,553. That’s 113 police officers who will lose their jobs and 113 less police officers to protect those families out there."

The COPS program was created to help fund officer salaries, but only for a three-year period. It was intended for agencies to eventually be able to fund those positions without federal grants.